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Intellectual Property Advisor
Ukrainian community manager


My name is Alina Paas, I am an intellectual property specialist and business advisor for creative industries. I work in the University of Tartu as an intellectual property analyst and I advise designers, inventors and creative entrepreneurs as well as public cultural institutions.

I help companies and individual artists to audit and evaluate their IP assets, protect them and grow their business with a solid and creative monetization strategy. My main focus is on identifying IP assets and capturing their value to generate income for creators and impact for users.

I am Ukrainian and my mission is to support Ukraine and Ukrainian communities in Estonia through information support, translation and localization of services, culture events and community building. I organize charity and culture events for NGO Ukraina Maja, which I co-founded in 2022.

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About Me

I am Alina Paas, intellectual property lawyer and advisor, speaker, mentor and equality advocate. 

My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs, designers and inventors to grow their creative business and share their products with the world. I develop intellectual property strategies, draft contracts, and policies for creative industries and help to protect intellectual property online.

I want as many people as possible to know more about sustainable IP practices and strategies and I share my insights on workshops and training.

I believe that your ideas can change the world for the better. I am by your side in this challenge.


about me

  • Work experience in 4 languages in 19 countries;

  • Projects in different industries: industrial and graphic design, architecture, wearable devices, fashion, robotics, media, crafts, illustration, mechanical engineering, software and platforms, gaming;

  • 2 Master Degrees in IP and IT law, cross-disciplinary education in the fields of law, economics and IT;

  • Ex-founder in art and media startups. I can relate to what you feel and what challenges you have.

  • In love with the simplicity, readable human texts, and good design.

  • Do you want to learn more? Contact me for additional information.

Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to Actions in Central and Eastern Europe

Alliance4Life is a bottom-up initiative of twelve life science institutions that aims at closing the divide in European health research and innovation. The project focuses on raising the institutional profiles of Alliance4Life´s members to attract and retain international talents and to provide the right operational framework conditions including improved research management.

I contribute to work of the Focus Group 6 Knowledge and Technology Transfer on behalf of the University of Tartu.

Fostering Knowledge Transfer from Universities to Business – Innovation to Unicorn 

The aim of the project was to strengthen knowledge and technology transfer processes at universities, but also enhancing entrepreneurial education, strengthening partnership and networking and developing impact measurement system at universities. I contributed to creating Knowledge transfer guidelines, glossary, templates and commercialisation plans, conducting case studies on knowledge transfer process best practices on behalf of the University of Tartu. ​

Science to Business - Spin-off program at University of Tartu

Program for academic scientists in Estonia oriented to commercialisation of early-stage knowledge and research based deeptech business ideas. I mentored and conducted IP assessment for over 20 teams participating in the program.

Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture 
Conducting IP audit and advising on IP strategy and policy for the organization.


Patent research for NGO "People who live with HIV"
Legal research on patent protection and patent exclusion on pharmaceutical products. The project resulted in a published report and further legislative reform.


Legislative reform on copyright protection online
Research on legislation and economic impact internationally on digital copyright protection online. The project resulted in a legislative draft, adopted as a law of Ukraine.

Projects and



University of Tartu

Master's degree in IT law

Cross-disciplinary program with emphasis on comprehensive understanding of IT law and developing practical legal analytical and technical skills. 


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Master's degree in Intellectual Property

Cross-disciplinary program in IP law, business, marketing and technical aspects of intellectual property and IP commercialization


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Bachelor's degree in Law

In-depth program in Jurisprudence from top national University.

Specialisation: Business law


  • Lecture on Intellectual Property. Course Entrepreneurship for doctoral students, University of Tartu. 2023 Tartu, Estonia

  • Lecture on Intellectual Property. Course Entrepreneurship for Bussiness Administration BA students, University of Tartu. 2023 Tartu, Estonia

  • Spin-off Program @University of Tartu Intellectual Property 101

  (twice a year 2021-2023) Tartu, Estonia

  • Biohackathon mentoring on intellectual property. EIT Health & EIT Food, 2022-2023 Tartu, Estonia

  • IP commercialization. Green Manufacturing Accelerator, 2022 

  • Startup Wise Guys: Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups

  2019 Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Startup Wise Guys: Intellectual Property Basics for Startups

  2019 Tallinn, Estonia

  • Startup Sauna: IP tips for Startups

  2019 Espoo, Finland

  • Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture: Part of Presentation team

  2018 Tallinn, Estonia

  • 15x4 Tartu: Patents for Startups

   2018 Tartu, Estonia

  • Bridges for Culture Activities: AI and Intellectual property

  2018 Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

  • KNTSU: Technology transfer: best practices

  2016 Kyiv, Ukraine

  • KNTSU: Biotechnology patenting in the EU and Ukraine

  2015 Kyiv, Ukraine

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